Enjoy the great taste of Japanese Curry at Coco Ichi Curry Houses!

  • When you’re in Japan, you’ll probably want to eat lots of Japanese food. You probably think of sushi, sashimi, rice and noodles – am I right? Well, if so, you might just be missing out on one of the most delicious Japanese dishes around – Curry and rice!

    Japanese Curry

    Japanese curry is different from the Indian style curries you might be used to. This style of curry was actually introduced into Japan by the British Navy. It was considered a Western style curry for many years, and is influenced by stews mixed with curry powder. It is made by frying curry powder, flour and oil, along with other ingredients to make a roux. Then, you add the roux to your chosen meat and vegetables to make delicious curry! This meal has become a staple for many Japanese families, and is even served every Friday to the Japan Maritime Naval Defence Force, as part of their selected menus.


    Cocoichibanya is a famous Japanese chain restaurant with stores all over the country, as well as overseas. Their tagline is “Good smell. Good curry.” and they couldn’t be more right! Walking past one of these restaurants, you will find it hard not to walk inside, when the smell hits your nose! All the stores have menus in lots of different languages, so don’t worry if your Japanese isn’t up to scratch.

    Menu Options

    One of the unique things about Cocoichi’s is that you get to make your own curry dish the way you like it. You chose your filling from options such as; Chicken cutlet, Hamburger, Scrambled Egg, Prawn etc. Then, you choose how much rice you want to go with it, between 200-900g. You also get to choose your spice level, from 1-10, and finally, you chose any toppings or side dishes you want with it. I recommend getting cheese and a half cooked egg on top – delicious! You have as many or as few toppings as you like, so give as many as possible a try!

    CoCo Ichi website

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