Chicken lovers? Low budget? Must go to ‘TORIKIZOKU’

  • 鳥貴族(TORIKIZOKU) is one of the most successful restaurant chain in Japan, they have over 380 branches in nationwide mainly in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya. Tori means chicken, Kizoku means aristocracy in Japanese.

    What is ‘YAKITORI’ ?

    In TORIKIZOKU, they provide you the food all about chicken, especially YAKITORI.
    YAKITORI is a charcoal grilled chicken skewers grilled and marinated with special yakitori sause based on soy sause or you can simply eat them with salt. Each serve, you’ll get two skewers.
    They have a large variety of chicken, for example, chicken breast, thigh, liver, wings, tenderloin, meat balls, heart, neck, skin and tail. Try the part you’ve never had in this chance, you might find out your new favourite!?

    Everything, 280yen!

    From Japanese Tapas to Drinks, TORIKIZOKU provide everthing on the menu for 280yen(before tax).
    For the drinks, they always have over 70 kinds, and normally you’ll get it from 500ml glass.
    If you are very hungry and can’t wait till the warm meal’s done, you can order cutting cabbage. You can eat as much as you want so if you empty it, ask the waitress or waiters to refill it, they are happy to bring the new portion for you!

    Niwatori Party!

    If you are a group of more than 8 people, you can get a special offer called “Niwatori Party’.
    2 hours all you can eat and drink for 2,800 yen! Make sure to make a reservation till one day before.

    English menu!

    Don’t worry about your Japanese, they all have English menu with the pictures for each menues.
    They also have an explanation about the food in English too!

    About Reservation

    As its price and quality for its price, you might have to wait till you get a seat no matter which day is it during the week.
    You can’t make a resevation except Niwatori Party.
    So better go there a bit earlier than the time you wanna start the dinner!

    Shibuya shop access
    Shinjuku shop access

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