The convenience of an airport in Tokyo

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  • Tokyo has only one airport and most people wrongly believe that it is Narita airport which is located in Chiba’s prefecture. Haneda airport is actually the only one and it is located in South-West Tokyo. Built in the early 20th century, this airport has known a major expansion in 2010 which makes it nowadays the fifth busiest airport of the world.

    What to do at the airport?

    Inside the airport there are some pictures that represent the ‘Edo Period’ (old Japanese style), it is quite beautiful to admire and it is an interesting art to try understanding. There is also an old style bridge which represents “Nihon bashi” (the Bridge of Japan, not to be confused with the business district in Tokyo). This bridge was made of “Hinoki” (Japanese cypress), it is worth to see and also to smell because it actually smells the “Hinoki”!

    At the international terminal there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat delightful food such as “sushi”, “udon”, “soba”, “tonkatsu”, “Japanese sweets” and much more! Enjoy and experience the Japanese food once more before heading back home!

    If you did not have enough time to buy Japanese gifts, presents for your friends and family, don’t worry! There are lots of gift shops in the airport! You might find the perfect gift idea or just enjoy seeing around and do some window shopping.

    Assistance services

    Another crucial thing to think about at the airport is, the assistance service!
    The assistance staff have specialist licences.They will assist anyone who needs help. They have a great support system as they can give information, provide communication boards or even find someone to speak your own language (Chinese, Korean, English…).
    Of course, the airport is equipped of spacious toilets, there is free WiFi, there are computers and a huge duty free.


    From Haneda Airport there is a full range of transportation including the Keikyu Line train that goes to Shinagawa station (to get the Yamanote Line) and Sengakuji station (to get the Asakusa Line or the Tokyo’s Metro), the Monorail of Tokyo that goes to Hamamatsucho, and buses for the Keikyu network.
    You can also, rent a car but be sure to have an international driving licence.

    Narita airport Access
    Haneda airport Access

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