Missed the last train? Japan has you covered!

  • The train system in Japan is second to none, but even that can’t help you home after the last train has left the station! But, never fear! If you get stranded in the city somewhere, there will always be a place to sleep.

    Capsule Hotels

    Probably the most well-known method of finding a place to sleep last minute: capsule hotels. These hotels consist of small pods with just a bed, power outlets, a light and a TV. Because of their simplicity and size, these hotels are usually a pretty cheap way to stay the night. Be careful though, as many of these hotels are men-only. So any women stuck without a bed may find it difficult to stay at one of these.

    Cyber Cafes

    One option that many people never consider is staying in one of Japan’s many cyber cafes. In these cafes you can rent a booth for a set amount of time. Each booth will contain a computer with internet access, headphones, and a comfy place to sit. Each cafe often has a number of lie down booths available too – so you can sleep quite comfortably.

    Love Hotels

    Japanese love hotels have been infamous the world over. But, if you’re in a pinch for somewhere to sleep – they can be very handy! These hotels allow you to pay hourly, or for the whole night. So, they can also be a pretty cheap option if you just want to rest a few hours before the first train comes around. Lots of these hotels also have quite interesting and fun themes, so you can find yourself a fun place to stay the night!


    Many onsens (public baths) in Japan also offer overnight stays. Most of these onsens will not provide rooms, or even beds, but there may be a sleeping area. Pictured above is the sleeping area of an onsen in Tokyo that consists of leather reclining chairs, each with their own TV screen attached. If an onsen provides an overnight stay option, this will usually cost you about two thousand yen on top of their regular entrance fee, so this can be a little pricey. But, overnight access to an onsen usually means there will be few people, so it’s a nice relaxing option!

    Anywhere you want!


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    In Japan, it is perfectly acceptable to just fall asleep wherever you end up. You will often see people asleep in bars, on benches, or even on the floor! So, if you want to just wait it out on the corner of the street – no-one is going to stop you from doing just that!

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