Takeshita street in Harajuku which has many clothe shop , sweets shop, grocery shops etc.

  • SPOT
  • There is Takeshita street in Harajuku, This street is famous in Japan.
    Many peoples and many foreigners go to this street.

    you can see a big gate first. this gate appearance changes sometimes when change of season or a event.
    There are clothe shops, restaurants, sweets shops, grocery shops etc.
    You can enjoy for shopping, lunch, dinner in Takeshita street.

    Crepe’s shops

    If you go to Takeshita street, you must try to eat a Crepe. There are many Crepe’s shops here.
    Most people eat a Crape when they come to Takeshita street.

    There are so many flavors:chocolate, chocolate banana, whipped cream, custard, strawberry, ice cream, cake, etc
    There are also non sweets flavors crepe: tuna, pizza taste ,etc

    100 yen shop

    There is the Daisou in Takeshita street, The Daisou is a 100 yen shop.
    You can buy household goods, toys, stationery, and season goods, etc.

    This building has fore floors and this shop selling goods up to 100yen (some goods over 100 yen)
    There are traditional Japanese goods too.

    funny Japanese goods

    If you want to buy funny Japanese goods, you can go to “Tank you mart”.
    This shop is selling many funny goods and unique design clothes etc.
    For example, many phone covers here have Anime characters and decorations on them.
    you can also see backpacks, T-shirts, caps and sunglasses etc.

    Lolita and Cosplay shops

    Do you like Lolita and Cosplay? If you like them you can see buy them in Takeshita street.
    There are many Lolita and Cosplay shops.
    some people wear Lolita or Cosplay in Takeshita street.

    sweets shop

    There are fun sweets shops in Takeshita street.
    For example: Calbee is a famous potato chips company.
    You can buy home made potato chips here.

    At the end

    You can enjoy all day in Takeshita stree.
    Please get train of JR yamanote line and please get off Harajuku station this is the next station if you are coming from Shibuya. you can go to Takeshita exit.
    Let’s go Takeshita street when you come to Harajuku.


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