Come to Utsunomiya, Gyoza Heaven!

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  • In Japan, every area is famous for its own special dish. Because of this, a trip around Japan can be filled to the brim with culinary delights. In this article, we are traveling to Utsunomiya to Tochigi for some delicious Gyoza.


    Legend has it, soldiers that returned from China after the war brought home a delicious recipe for what is now called, Gyoza. Whether this is true or not, no one knows. But, everyone does know just how delicious Utsunomiya gyoza is to this day. Gyoza has many similarities to its Chinese counterpart, but still contains a few important differences. The most obvious of these is the stronger taste of garlic you often find in gyoza. The Japanese also use much thinner wrappers. The main ingredients in Gyoza are; minced pork, cabbage, cheese chives, sesame oil, garlic and, ginger. These are all mixed together and wrapped in a gyoza skin before being cooked. The most popular way to cook these gyoza is to boil or fry them. In Utsunomiya, there are hundreds of varieties of Gyoza, all containing different ingredients, and are prepared in different ways.


    Finding Gyoza in Utsunomiya is never a difficult task. And, every restaurant will have their own variety. But, never fear, if you buy gyoza in Utsunomiya, you will never be disappointed. This city is very proud of its gyoza fame, and will always strive to make the best dish! The people here are so proud that they hold a gyoza festival every year. Held in the first weekend of November, everyone comes together to enjoy the delicious taste of this charming dish. One of the highlights of this festival for many is the gyoza eating contest!

    Gyoza Pride

    Utsunomiya people are so proud of their gyoza, that they even have statues honouring the food! This cute little fellow can be found outside the city’s train station, and is surrounded by little gyoza stalls where you can enjoy eating them, whilst viewing this unusual statue. But, that’s not all! There is also a statue of a beautiful lady, emerging from a gyoza shell within the city!

    They really love their Gyoza here in Utsunomiya!

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