Great Ways to Get Around Kyoto!

  • Kyoto is one of the world’s best cities for sightseeing with several famous spots scattered around the city, so knowing the best way to get around the city and its attractions is always important!


    There are a few different train lines running across Kyoto and they’re usually the easiest way to get around, as long as there is a station close to where you want to go. As most people probably know, trains in Japan are renowned for efficiency, so it’s very rare to be delayed and usually, the trains are a comfortable way to travel, if you’re travelling on a national holiday, though, they can be busy! Most parts of the city and its attractions are within walking distance of a train station too.

    The trains are easy to use, just buy a ticket outside the gates of the station. Simply find the destination station on the map above the ticket machines and buy a ticket for that price. If you are not able to find your stop, then can simply buy the cheapest ticket and adjust the price when you arrive at your destination.

    Kyoto City Bus

    The buses in Kyoto are a popular choice for getting around, especially for sightseeing. Normally the buses cost 230 yen for an adult if you take one of the flat fare buses, which have routes going all over Kyoto and to most of the popular sightseeing spots. Also, if you’re planning on visiting a few sightseeing spots on the same day, then there is a day pass available for 500 yen, which allows you to ride the bus all day, as much as you like, and will make your travel costs for that day very cheap! When you ride the bus, you hop on at the rear door and pay the driver as you leave via the front door. The flat fare buses are those with either blue or orange backgrounds.

    However, the buses with a white background and black numbers vary in price depending on how far you are travelling, so keep an eye out for the colour of the bus, before hopping on. Also, be aware that the buses can get rather crowded as they are a popular way to get around!


    Bikes are a really good option for getting around Kyoto, as most of the city is reasonably flat which makes for an easy ride. There are loads of bike rental places that charge from only 500 yen per day. In Japan, you can cycle on either, the pavement or the roads. The main challenge can sometimes be finding somewhere to park.


    Of course there is always Taxis, they’re not the cheapest way to get around but they’re pretty reasonable. You can go to most places in Kyoto for a couple thousand yen. There are a number of taxi ranks around the busier areas in Kyoto or you can flag down a taxi anywhere. Remember though that the taxi driver will open the door for you automatically, so don’t open the door yourself. Also, there’s no need to tip.

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