“Cup Noodle Museum” – create your own noodle and gain knowledge of instant noodles

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  • If you want some quirky experiences in Japan, you should not miss to visit “Cup Noodle Museum” located in Yokohama-city or Ikeda-city (about 20min by train from Osaka bullet train station). This is a place where you can fully understand what instant noodle is. The most famous attraction in this place is “My Cup Noodle Factory”. You can create your own cup noodle by choosing your preferred soup and ingredient.

    There are four kinds of soup flavour (normal, sea food, curry and chili tomato) and twelve ingredients (prawn, roasted pork, egg, green onion, fish paste(normal and crab flavoured), garlic chips, French bean, cheddar cheese, sweet corn, kimchi and special ingredient for the season). You can choose one soup and four ingredients in one cup noodle but it is little hard to choose because there’re 5,460 patterns in total.

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    This is きゃこ ・ ・ ・ ・ かわいいカップヌードルにしようと思ったけど1番最初からキムチを入れた時点でかことゆあんはもう終わりやと悟った¨̮ )/ ・ ・ ・ かこだいっきらい❤ ゆあんのほんまに真剣な真剣な悩み聞いてくれありがとう!(彼氏ができないについて) ・ ・ ・ #周り小さい子ばっかりで #少し恥ずかしかった🙂 #チキンラーメンファクトリー #チキンラーメン #カップヌードルミュージアム #カップヌードル #ラーメン #いいね返し #いいね返します #いいねした人全員フォローする #instagood #l4l #f4f #follow #followforfollowback #follow4followback #follow4likes #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #おしゃれさんと繋がりたい

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    Here’s how you make your own noodle. First, you have to buy the cup from vending machine (JPY300) and decorate your cup as you can find your cup noodle easily. Next set the dehydrated noodle into your cup by using special setting machine. Finally you can add your own ingredients. First, choose the soup and next choose your favourite four ingredients. After this work, you can only wait for its finish-up. I’m sure that this process is also interesting. You can watch how your cup noodle is packed and created a vacuum like actual products. After making you can eat your cup noodle on the spot. If you bring your noodle back to your home, you will certainly be a star of the moment.

    In addition to this attraction, there are a lot of attraction facilities such as history museum of instant noodles, kids’ park, Ramen Street (you can buy and eat many kinds of Japanese instant noodles in the same place) and souvenir shops as well. There’s also the factory of chicken ramen (the other brand of famous Japanese instant ramen). In this factory, you can make noodle from flour. Advance booking is needed to experience this but it is also worth to experience.


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