Nitori Furniture Superstore: The Ikea of Japan

  • Furnishing an apartment can always be a difficult task. But Japan has the perfect store for the task – Nitori (ニトリ).

    ニトリ Nitori

    You will find branches of Nitori all over Japan. They often have large warehouse stores like the one pictured above, but you will also sometimes find smaller stores within department stores. They stock all kinds of home furnishings from bedding, to bed frames, to lamps, to kitchens and beyond! Think of it like a low-price Ikea!


    When you move to a new apartment, there is always a set list of essentials that you need to buy. A trip to Nitori lets you buy all of these things for a very decent cost. If you’re looking to save even more money, they even make refurbished furniture. This means you can buy a sofa made from recycled sofas that someone didn’t want anymore. Of course, they mainly sell brand new furniture here, but if you’re looking for a bargain, you can definitely find one!
    Aside from whole pieces of furniture, they also sell home furnishings here. So after you buy your bed, you can buy your bedding too. They have kitchen appliances and utensils, dining tables and flatware, desks and bookcases, curtains and rugs. You could easily furnish your whole apartment in just one trip!


    As I mentioned, Nitori has hundreds of stores all over Japan. If you visit their website (which has an English translation), you can find the store nearest to you. They also have an online store if you would rather shop from the comfort of your own home. If you do decide to buy something from Nitori, be sure to pick up a free member’s card to receive points for every purchase.

    Nitori Japan

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