Sumo is More Than Just a Sports Match

  • Many foreign people probably have heard about Sumo. It’s a traditional Japanese sport. Sumo wrestlers wear Fundoshi(Male G-strings). Today, I will pick out some tips that will help you to enjoy Sumo more than you otherwise would.

    There are ranks even for judges

    There are 8 ranks for Sumo Judges. A judge who is in the first picture above is in the highest ranking and in the second picture is the lowest judge. You might find some differences between them such as trousers, socks and sandals. Also, the biggest difference between them is a small sword which the highest ranking judge has in his belt. Only the highest ranking judge is allowed to wear the sword and its meaning is “if I made a mistake of judging, I would carry out sepuro with this sword”. Of course this situation would never happen nowadays even if the highest judge made a mistake. Nonetheless, people can still see how seriously the judges take responsibilities.
    Do you know how many matches the highest ranking judge referee per day? He referees only the last match of the day, which is the match involving highest ranking wrestlers.

    Another important job for the judges

    This is a ranking list which Sumo wrestlers’ names are on. These perfectly neat letters were written by judges. It’s interesting to note that writing with Japanese ink brushes is very difficult for left handed individuals. Therefor, it has been non for a judge to change his dominant hand from left to right so that he can write well.


    Let me tell you something surprising about sumo wrestling in Japan…,,,, There are three highest ranking Sumo wrestlers and all of them are from Mongolia. There has been known a Japanese highest ranking wrestler since year 2000. However, Sumo is still very popular sport even though there are not any Japanese wrestlers in the top rank for a while. I think the reason is we can see the Mongolian wrestlers respect for Sumo and our traditional customs. They speak absolutely perfect Japanese, they are precise in Japanese manner and the main reason is they show us fantastic matches !!! Many Japanese are big fans of them.