Experience the Ancient Japan in Edo Wonderland!

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  • The Edo Era in Japan was characterized by economic growth, strict rules, isolation from foreign policies, popularity of art and culture and sustainable forest management. It was also a period for Japan’s progress in advanced studies as well as the cultivation of interest in religion and leisure. Japan was considered to be in its greatest power at that time.

    A place for an Edo Era experience worth considering is located in Tochigi Prefecture. It is known as “Edo Wonderland.” Get to know more about the 400 year old Era of the past.


    Edo Wonderland is a village consisting of 5 areas: Kaido, Shukuba-machi, Shokagai, Samurai Residence and Ninja Village. The architecture is intricately designed true to original. It will take you a step further back in the past. Walking through the place, you’ll be seeing people going about their busy lives. This is part of the Edo Townsfolk Tour. You’ll be meeting some geisha and samurai whom you can talk to and take a picture with. You can also enjoy card collecting in this place. They have Edo cards which are regarded as the genuine mark of a true Edo townsperson. Collect them all and you can get a special rare card!

    Meet Nyan-Mage

    One special character you can meet in this place is Nyan-Mage. He’s a furry buddy who resides in Edo Wonderland. He looks cute with his long body yet small head. He is also the silent-type who takes things slow. A special pose he’s best known for is “Nyan-mage’s Welcoming Hand.” Children adore him and that’s why you’ll often see him surrounded by them.

    Edo Delicacies

    Since this is the Edo Era, you’ll definitely expect Edo delicacies. There are five places for you to dine in: Dejima Cafe, Yabu Soba, Tori Soba-ya, Tenjiku to Miyako and Yama Kujira. The Dejima Cafe offers a variety of food influenced by the Dutch such as coffee and desserts. Yabu Soba is popular for its kakisoba dish. Tori Soba-ya is a great ramen noodle shop which balances noodles and soups in other dishes such as tan-tan men and chasu-men. If you want to enjoy a tavern-like atmosphere great for drinking, head to Tenjiku to Miyako. Yama Kujira, on the other hand, specializes in grilled skewers of chicken, beef, pork and duck.

    Edo Wonderland

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