Toyota’s Eco-friendly Car of the Future Goes on Sale

  • Although Japan is a relatively small island country, it is home to one of the top automakers in the world, producing millions of new vehicles for sale around the world. Not only do Japanese automakers (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc) have some of the highest new car sales around the globe, they are also industry leaders in innovation and technology.

    Toyota was one of the first automakers to release a hybrid vehicle into the mass-market. Nissan is outselling any other electric vehicles in North America with the zero-emission Leaf. And Honda is an engine supplier for Formula 1, developers of a human-like robot ASIMO, and offers private jets for those with deep-enough pockets.

    Toyota’s Latest Innovation

    Following the footsteps of the successes found with the introduction of the Prius hybrid, Toyota released the Mirai fuel-cell vehicle for the masses in 2015. Unlike an electric vehicle which relies on its batteries as its only source of power, the Mirai creates its own electricity from the Hydrogen stored in its Hydrogen tank. As long as the car is topped-off with the chemical element “H”, the car is able to produce electricity to propel itself. While an electric car requires a few hours to fully charge, a fuel cell vehicle takes only a couple minutes to fill up. At the end of the day, the fuel cell automobile is just as accessible as the gasoline-powered clunkers which came before it.

    Not only do they have qualities of conventional automobiles, they don’t do any harm to the environment. It’s no secret that the emissions from gas guzzlers are toxic and harmful to the environment that we live in. However, the only thing that comes out of fuel cell cars is water. In a nutshell, electricity is created when the Hydrogen gas is combined with the Oxygen from the air. And the only output of this chemical reaction is H20, better known as Water. Here we have an automobile which will transport you just as well as a conventional one, but will do so while only emitting water in the process. No toxic Carbon Dioxide, no black smoke, no dead trees. This is the future of automotive travel and it is coming straight from Japan.

    Toyota is not the only automaker developing fuel cell vehicles, but it has succeeded in being the first to bring one to the mass-market. These futuristic cars are already finding their ways to the streets of Tokyo and are catching the eyes of bystanders. With its bold design, the Mirai is paving the way for the future of automotive travel.

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