Save more Japanese yen with the Nanaco card

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  • Every bill, every dime. Whatever form of money, you name it, Japan has it! Japan is a country of handy dandy’s and if you’re not riding the wave then you’ll get washed out behind.

    In Japan, point cards can save you from high expenses as your rewards add up while using it. One of the best in helping with saving up is the Nanaco Card (ナナコカード).

    How to acquire the Nanaco Card

    So for the first timers, how do you acquire a Nanaco Card in Japan? Here are 2 ways of getting it:

    First, by going to a Seven & I Holdings affiliated store, you can ask the service counter or any cashier about it. For the card, you will be asked to pay ¥300 and to fill up the form. Filling it out won’t eat much of your time it’ll only take about a minute or two.

    The second way of getting it is by downloading the app directly from the Nanaco Website *Japanese Only
    Unlike the card there will be no fees required. Just your phone with access to mobile money. Simple and easy!


    As you can see in the picture above, the Nanaco Card can sometimes be customized! You can either choose a normal card or, depending of the campaign they are doing at the moment, a customized one. The customized cards may be either singers, anime, sports teams such as baseball, soccer etc.

    How to use the Nanaco Card

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    Now if you have your card already, the next question is how to use it…

    You charge (チャージ) your money into your card. You can do this by either telling the cashier that you want to charge it or by doing it yourself with the auto machine. There is a ¥1,000 denomination and ¥50,000 is the maximum amount that your card can hold.

    Once you’ve charged your card or phone you can now use it by telling the cashier that you’ll pay with Nanaco when you make a purchase. Just touch your card against the small reader, once it makes a sound then you’ve made your payment.

    Nanaco Points! For every recycled pet bottle you get points !!

    For every ¥100 you are given 1 point. 1 point is equivalent to ¥1 when exchanged. And Nanaco Card holders also have the privilege of getting 5% off on every purchase during the 8th, 18th and 28th day of every month.
    Furthermore, you can get points for recycling pet bottles and kill two birds with one stone: dispose of the garbage and get more points to use ! For 500 recycled bottles, you receive 50 Nanaco Points.

    Where can I use my Nanaco Card?

    Now, where can you use your Nanaco Card, you ask? You can use it in any Seven & I affiliated stores in Japan. These are namely Ito Yokado, 7 Eleven, Denny’s and more.

    Having your own Nanaco Card is a convenient way of earning while spending. This is actually a big help because you won’t notice how much you’ve earned!

    Don’t forget to get your own!