Check Out The Top 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in Japan for 2017

  • Cars are big business in Japan. Over the years, manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Suzuki have become international names and are exported all over the world. Generally, Japanese cars have an excellent reputation for being reliable, safe, and efficient.

    Within Japan, cars which are fuel efficient are very popular among Japanese car drivers. The country itself takes environmental issue increasingly seriously, anyone who has to spend two hours a week separating their garbage into ten different recycling bins can tell you that! But it can’t be denied that this is a hugely positive step for such a developed nation to make positive moves to a more green world.

    Due to this rising demand for fuel-efficient automobiles, Japanese car manufacturers have been in intense competition to offer nice looking and decent cars which have low fuel consumption. Take a look at the top 5 cars in Japan which have been rated as having the lowest fuel consumption rate according to the catalog figures for 2017.

    5. Mazda CX-5

    This sleek and stylish car has been well designed and is great for families. It drives at between 23-29 miles to the gallon and is also a comfortable ride.

    This is one of Japan’s best selling SUV’s and for good reason. It has perfectly combined great efficiency with a stunning appearance and a smoother look.


    4. Nissan Leaf

    This great little car is one of the best-selling electric cars in history. It runs on a 24 kWh electric vehicle battery and a top speed of about 150 kilometers per hour, making it speedier than most electric cars.

    It also looks great, not too box-like, and has been rated as extremely safe and with a lot of endurance.


    3. Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

    This popular car looks great inside and out, is a smooth ride, and rides at about 36 miles to the gallon. With more models due to be released in 2018, which are even more fuel-efficient, this solid and beautiful car is one to watch.


    2. Honda Accord

    This car has been around in Japan for decades and has been consistently reliable and popular. The newest models have proven to be extremely fuel efficient. The hybrid models drive at about 47-49 miles to the gallon.


    1. Toyota Prius Eco

    This car tops the list for 2017 of the most fuel-efficient cars in and from Japan. It has received consistently high acclaim with the car manufacturing industry and drives at between 53-58 miles to the gallon.

    It also looks great and has a sleek and comfortable design with almost futuristic interiors. This great innovative car has truly paved the way for the future of fuel-efficient cars!


    2015-2016 Most Fuel-efficient Cars

    5. Honda Grace Hybrid

    This Fit-based compact sedan grabbed the fifth position for 2015-2016. The low fuel consumption comes with the help of a 1.5L “Sports Hybrid i-DCD” engine.

    Connected to a 7-Speed dual clutch transmission developed in-house by Honda, the Grace offers a very sporty performance for an eco-car. If you prefer to do your eco runs in a sedan, the Grace Hybrid is your top choice!

    Honda Grace Hybrid*Automatic translation

    4. Daihatsu Mira ES

    Rated at 35.2km/L for the front-wheel-drive model, this Daihatsu was one of the top runners until newer generation hybrids and Kei-cars came to throw it off its throne.

    Since it is a Kei-car, the engine is limited to 660cc and the seating is limited to four, but considering the low cost of ownership for these lightweights in Japan, it is an excellent choice for people who want to minimise their fuel footprint getting around town.

    Daihatsu Website

    3. Honda Fit Hybrid

    Coming in at 36.4 km/L, Honda’s compact hatchback offers a slightly better fuel economy than the Grace Sedan, with a more radical design.

    The Fit, now in its 3rd generation, is a global seller with localised models in both Europe and North America. For those looking for a sporty option, buyers can opt for the RS model with a manual transmission but with the tradeoff of lower fuel-efficiency.

    Either way, the Gundam-like looks have proven popular with Japanese car buyers!

    Honda Fit Hybrid

    2. Toyota Aqua

    Toyota’s answer to the compact hybrid market is the 37.0km/L-rated Aqua. Designed and built from the ground-up as a hybrid-only model, it shares much of its powertrain with the popular Prius, but in a hatchback body. With its streamlined design, engineers worked hard to make sure the car had as little aerodynamic drag as possible to achieve its high fuel-efficiency.

    Toyota’s highly regarded hybrid system is quiet during low speeds and offers plenty of power for the quick jolt down the highway.

    Toyota Aqua*Automatic translation

    1. Suzuki Alto

    Topping the list for 2015-2016 is Suzuki’s answer to the eco-wars with the splendid Alto, rated at 37.0km/L. By the catalog figures, the Alto ties with the Aqua, but for its ability to offer a slightly higher actual fuel economy (as measured by real users of e-Nenpi service), it gets the overall crown.

    Weighing in at as little as 650kg, it makes the best use of its Kei-car proportions in a stylish design. What’s more impressive is its base price. Coming in at 890,000 Yen (roughly 7400 USD), it’s close to half of what the Aqua costs.

    The Alto ranks number one in fuel-efficiency and shines because of its ability to offer both practical intelligence and a fun-to-drive performance.

    Suzuki Alto*Automatic translation

    If you are looking for a fuel-efficient drive in Japan, one of these environmentally friendly cars could be just what you’re looking for. Japan takes this very seriously and has consistently developed great cars over the years which are greener and a better drive.

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