Do you know the surprising vending machine !?

  • Did you know that there are vending machines a bit everywhere in Japan and especially in Tokyo? Well if you didn’t you won’t miss them when you arrive there! If you have no clue of what a vending machine is, it is simply a convenience machine that provides a large range of products. In western countries it provides mainly cold soft drinks however in Tokyo you can find anything; cans, bottles, cigarettes, food and more surprises!

    How to find those machines?

    It’s pretty easy as you can find them everywhere! At every corner of most streets! They are working 24 hours a week of course so you can get at anytime your favourite coffee, soda or whatever. However be aware that to purchase the cigarettes you will need an age card.

    History fact

    A few years ago we could buy alcohol but nowadays there are plenty of 24 hours convenient stores where we can buy alcohol, and of course cigarettes, food , drink, soap, and more. On the one hand, it is a good thing for Japanese people because everywhere they go they have a convenient store to get what they need but, on the other hand it has also a negative effect for the vending machines. In fact, there are less and less machines even if there might be more of them than convenient stores.

    An interesting and surprising experience to try

    There are some kind of vending machines which are quite interesting. For example, one of them is called “Oden vending machine”. First you should know about “Oden”; it is a Japanese original food which contains some vegetables, eggs, sausages, and more. Then everything is boiled with soy sauce, sea food spice, sake and sugar. If you buy this “Oden” food at the vending machine you will get it hot in a can. This experience is interesting as you might not find in your country that can of food self-service, and you might actually feel like it is fresh food (even if of course, it is not fresh), and it is very delicious.You can find oden vending machine in Akihabara.

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