Get into the Halloween Spirit in Japan!

  • Japan loves foreign commercialised holidays: Christmas, Valentine’s Day… so seeing Japan celebrate Halloween should be no surprise!

    Restaurants, Supermarkets, Coffee Shops, any kind of shops, there is no limitation. The older generation somehow has it mixed up with Thanksgiving, since pumpkins and autumn decorations are used for Halloween, too. The younger generation loves Halloween, especially the kids, for all the candies they can get! Most young adults and middle aged enjoy Halloween themed goods, food and some even would go to a costume party. However, wearing one is still considered a bit childish although more women are brave enough to wear one. The idea to wear a scary costume is not as widespread as it should be and you can often see cosplayers ‘recycle’ their nerdy costumes and wearing them on this holiday.

    Trick or treat

    Many local stores and places offer a trick or treat for kids who come by during “Halloween Week.” Some even organise a ‘Halloween parade’, where they hop from place to place to collect some sweets and candy. During the parade kids are supposed to wear a costume, but most children just wear a cape, have maybe a hat on and they come holding plastic pumpkin baskets. That point is to obviously gather as many sweets as possible while they shout “trick or treat!” Some girls also take this opportunity to wear their princess dresses and a tiaras, which they would usually wear during a typical day at Disney Land.

    Halloween merchandise

    You will find many supermarkets sell their regular products as special Halloween editions. Starbucks used to have cute Halloween mugs, but recently for minor holidays like this one they did not offer any seasonal items.
    If you need to prepare for a home party, make sure to check out the ¥100 Shops; they are full of Halloween goods.

    Tokyo Disney Sea

    Before Christmas, Halloween is a huge event at Tokyo Disney Sea. Scary illuminating exterior, all characters being scary, the whole theme park is coloured black, orange and purple.

    Overall, Japan might celebrate it superficially as it does Christmas, but if you are a Halloween fan, you will surely enjoy this time! Especially once you try the Halloween sushi!

    Tokyo Disney Resort

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