Easy, Fun and Scary Japanese Food Ideas for Halloween

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  • Japanese love to adapt and then improve! Since Halloween is growing in popularity in Japan, housewives and cooks are becoming even more creative. There is plenty of Japanese food that can easily be made into something scary. Let’s get inspirited by these great Japanese Halloween food ideas!

    Halloween Sushi

    Sushi is the easiest and it even looks pretty scary! Cutting the scary faces out of seaweed might seem difficult at first but practice makes perfect. If you are preparing it for later, make sure to place the seaweed shortly before serving, to avoid a wet and sad looking face.

    Chirashi Sushi

    This kind of sushi is easy too and with only a little amount of effort, you will have nice Halloween themed food to enjoy. Ghosts can be made of whitebait or Japanese anchovies (shirasu) and for Halloween pumpkins, salmon flakes work best! You can even try to shape the pumpkins more oval, and for the ghosts you can add a tail, so they look even more real.

    Halloween Bento Box

    You will have unlimited possibilities to make a Halloween-themed lunchbox! This example shows wasabi on top of rice, with seaweed and cheese to create a Frankenstein’s head. Make sure not to overuse wasabi, as it can get rather hot! A simpler approach with only seaweed is the Count Dracula and the easiest is the pumpkin, using a mandarine and a black marker.

    Halloween Burgers

    This one is easy to make if you have cheese and seaweed. Just cut the cheese into a ghost shape (make sure to use the leftovers in another dish) and for the ghost’s face, cut out scary eyes and a mouth using the seaweed.

    Pumpkin Melon Pan

    If you are not that skilled or creative, you can always buy ready-made Halloween themed food. Check out your local bakery and you will surely find a pumpkin decorated melon pan! If not: try and request it, the bakers may be able to make one for you!

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