What’s Saturday Night TV like in Japan?

  • All around the world, everyone knows that the best television is usually reserved for Saturday nights, but what do Saturday night television shows look like in Japan? Here’s a look at the recent prime time line up on one TV channel – NTV.

    Dokonjo Gaeru – (Gutsy Frog!)

    Dokonjo Gaeru is a comedy-drama about a young man named Hiroshi with an energetic yellow frog living on his t-shirt! When Hiroshi was younger he fell and nearly squashed a pink girl frog but the yellow frog jumped up and held him up long enough for her to jump out of the way but was then squashed himself when Hiroshi landed on him! Instead of dying though he became part of Hiroshi’s T-shirt and is named Pyong-gil.

    Pyong-gil is very loud and energetic and pulls Hiroshi around when he wants to go somewhere, but he also helps out a lot, even saving Hiroshi from drowning by diving into the water (as a t-shirt) forcing himself onto Hiroshi and dragging him out. As the series goes on Pyong-gil starts to come loose from the T-shirt and Hiroshi and his family have to try and find a way to save him.

    Dokonjo Gaeru*Automatic translation

    Arashi ni Shiyagare

    From 10pm you can watch a variety show hosted by one of Japan’s most popular male idol groups “Arashi”. Every week there are different guests and the band members take part in various challenges. One week they might all have to eat really, really spicy foods to make them sweat and then the winner will be decided based on how much heavier each person’s sweat towel becomes after wiping off! Other challenges involve taking part in a pillow fighting competition and making pancakes made to look like anime characters or even the other band members!

    Arashi is hugely popular in Japan; you’ll see them in advertisements for nearly everything and as a band you’ll hear their music a lot too! Due to their popularity in Japan one of the regular spots on the show involves sending one of the band members out to a famous spot in Japan to try and take pictures of themselves and act like tourists without being recognised (they always are!) They try and last as long as they can without it but sooner or later are found by some screaming Japanese fans!

    Arashi ni Shiyagare*Automatic translation

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