Kidzania: Where Kids can Play at Being Adults

  • It is a common notion that children around the world should take on a social role and responsibility as early as possible. It is a way for them to become leaders and learn more about the social world.

    There is such a place in Tokyo for children to explore around and take on different jobs and activities and it is popularly known as “KidZania Tokyo.”

    The Place

    KidZania Tokyo is accessible via car or train. If you use the train, the nearest stations are Toyosu Station (Exit 2) on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Yurikamome Line which will both take about 8 minutes.

    KidZania is a place for kids complete with shops, vehicles similar to that of a functioning society. The first thing to do is for the kid to secure a job schedule. This will be given to them upon entering the place. Then, they have to choose a pavilion which they want to work in. A Traveler’s Cheque worth 50 kidZos will be given to them. This is the amount of money they’ll have at the start. They can use it for whatever they want to purchase or do at the place. If they don’t have enough money anymore, they can always find a job with high pay.

    Kids have to become familiar with the place by using a map. There are over 60 pavilions which have been spread over two floors in the area. Every activity helps kids create something new with each creation, which they can take home as a souvenir. There are also some activities conducted in English though they’re very rare. E@K is the perfect place for kids to use English in real life. The place strictly uses English from the start to end of each activity. No need to fear though if your kids are not that proficient in the language, for activities utilize a very easy-to-understand level of English.

    Safety and Security

    Since Kidzania caters to children, their primary priority is the safety and security of everyone in the place. There’s a baggage inspection, gated entry and exit points, security monitors, security personnel, stringent measures on hygiene and food safety and emergency drills. This means you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids to play at Kidzania!


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