Kit Kat Kraze in Japan – Now You Can Eat it As a Croissant!

  • Anyone who has come to Japan knows that there is an insane Kit Kat fan base there.

    KitKat Shops

    There are whole stores dedicated to its myriad of flavors. Where else can one get matcha flavor but in Japan! There are even so-called Kit Kat Chocolatory branches (there’s now even one at Tokyo Station) that are like high-end department stores whose sole purpose is to showcase the newest flavors of limited editions. Literally, they display every Kit Kat ever made and a cool looking carousel of multicolored Kit Kats. Ok, so they’re slightly more expensive than the usual ones sold in stores, but with flavors like ginger and chili spice, how can you miss them?

    KitKat Croissant

    In this current era of mashups – think cronut (croissant/donut) and cookie shot (making a glass out of a chocolate chip cookie and drinking milk out of it – genius!) now comes the latest creation from Japan. The Kit Kat Croissant! As the name implies they use the classic french pastry pain au chocolate with a twist. They take the ubiquitous Kit Kat bars and put them inside the croissant! So far there are two flavors – chocolate and green tea. However, there is a seasonal version, sweet potato, that will be available in the fall. Each croissant comes with two bars of chocolate of your choosing and can be enjoyed at room temperature or even heated or toasted.

    Where to Try It

    Luckily these are being sold at Pronto, a Japanese cafe/bar with multiple branches throughout Japan. Available for order from 7:00 AM until 5:30 PM, they are already in high demand. The croissants are priced at 170 yen (approximately $1.40). Usually these are a limited time offer kind of product, but there seems to be no end date for the promotion as of yet, so get them while you can! Itadakimasu!

    Chocolatory Store List *Automatic translation

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