Japan: Kit Kat Heaven!

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  • Kit Kat is amazingly famous in Japan. Nestle’s biggest turnover of Kit Kat is scored in UK, followed in Japan.
    Kit Kat has first arrived in Japan in 1973 which wasn’t so early but how and why it became so famous in Japan?
    There are two main reasons for it.

    Lucky Charms

    Kit Kat had a great fortune around 2000, students found out that Kit Kat sounds similar to the phrase ‘Kitto Katsu’ which roughly translates to mean surely win in Japanese especially in Kyusyu dialect.
    They started to give each other Kit Kat to wish luck for exams.
    There are special edition Kit Kat for students such as ‘message Kit Kat’ which says good luck, your dream will come true, or do your best on each chocolate bar or ‘white and red package’ which represents celebration, white and red colours are often used for the graduation and entrance ceremony in Japan.

    Special Editions

    Can you guess how many kinds of flavours of Kit Kat there are in Japan?
    Or can how many Kit Kat flavuors can you tell?
    There are over 200 flavours of Kit Kats which Nestle produced so far. Nestle focused on the fact that Japanese love limited products where you can only buy in certain places.
    For example, Kyoto green tea, Shizuoka Wasabi, or Hokkaido Potato. Nestle sells them not just as a snack, as something special.

    Kit Kat Chocolatory

    Haven’t got enough time to travel around? Then you can visit Kit Kat Chocolatory.
    Chocolatory is a word made from chocolate and factory. Japan is the first and yet only country to opened the shop for only Kit Kat. They of course have limited edition, why don’t you go have a look and find you rfavourite?

    Make Your Own Kit Kat!

    For the anniversary, present for someone special.. why don’t you make your own package?
    You can choose the frames and stamps and combine with your picture! Isn’t it a great idea for the special occasion?