5 Delicious Breads That Were Created in Japan!

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  • Recently, It is clear that Japanese people love bread and eating it as often as rice.
    Especially k Tokyo, there are so many beautiful bakeries in french style. For example, “PAUL” is a famous french bakery & cafe (boulangerie) and they opened in several places around Tokyo area. if you go to this kind of cafe, it is always surprising how crowded it gets. There are some bread which were born in Japan.

    Here’s a list of popular breads in Japan.

    1. AN-PAN (あんぱん)
    2. CREAM-PAN (クリームパン)
    3. YAKISOBA-PAN (焼きそばパン)
    4. CURRY-PAN (カレーパン)
    5. MELON-PAN (メロンパン)

    ※ PAN means bread in Japanese

    Have you ever tried that bread? If not, then please do, I am sure you will like it!


    The round-shaped bread AN-PAN(あんぱん) is a sweet roll, and it has red beans cream inside of it. The texture is very soft and the taste is gently sweet.


    CREAM-PAN (Custard Filled Brioches・クリームパン) The bread is made from creamy texture and is filled with custard.

    Yaki-Soba PAN

    #焼きそばパン Yakisoba Bun Weirdly Tasty

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    Yaki-Soba PAN(焼きそばパン)has Yakisoba which is noodles in spicy sauce mixed with vegetables. This bread has Yakisoba between sliced pieces of bread and looks like a hot dog or sandwich.


    CURRY-PAN(カレーパン) has curry paste inside, the bread itself is fried in the oil. Japanese eat curry very often for lunch and dinner. So, most people love this bread very much.


    MELON-PAN メロンパン has a watermelon shape and is covered in sweet crunchy cookies. You can enjoy the soft and crunchy texture at the same time! This bread is loved by most children.

    In the end

    The reason why there are so many bakeries and sophisticated cafes out there in Japan recently is because many bread makers and pastry chefs have gone abroad to study techniques to boost their bread-making quality and knowledge.

    Now, some Japanese bread bakers have even won prizes in the best bread producing country, France. On the other hand, those old fashioned simple tastea of bread and sweet rolls like AN-PAN are still popular even now.