Traveling Back in Time with a Bowl of Ramen

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  • Ramen was introduced in Japan on the 19th century when the country opened its port to the world. Originally from China, this wheat noodle got its identity and turned to be one of the most popular dishes in Japan. The acceptance of ramen among the general population and its adaptation to local ingredients inspired the creation of the first food-themed amusement park in 1994.


    The Shin Yokohama Ramen museum is walkable from the JR station. The fee entrance is ¥310 and it is valid for multiple entrances during one day, it means you can get in for lunch, and return for dinner in case you want to see other things in the neighborhood.

    Structure of the museum

    On the first floor, there is a museum shop, photo studio, slot car race track, and a printer of past news paper, so we can know what was going on in Japan in the day we were born. On the second floor, there are a Kateko Café, Snack Shop and the reproduction of a typical old-fashioned town with a public bath (Onsen), hospital and old-fashion candies shop, which is one of the most nostalgic childhood places. On the third floor there many restaurants offering the best regional ramen (Sapporo, Yamagata, Kitakata, Hakata, Tokushima and Tokyo) and even some adaptation from German and Italian cuisine. In addition, there is a menu suitable for vegetarians and Muslim visitors.


    The Shin Yokohama Ramen museum was designed to preserve the nostalgic time when the first instant ramen was invented in 1958. The restaurant area is a replica of a friendly village with its thin streets, houses with no fences and clothes hanging on the window which reveal the simplicity of the families at the time.


    Enhancing this scenery, the colors of the sky add some sadness and hope with the feeling of a day ending or a new day coming.

    Along with a warm tasty bowl of a ramen, it is possible to enjoy old technologies such as watching TV, using a public telephone, or sitting on motorcycles produced around the 50s.

    Why Ramen is so popular

    Ramen isn`t expensive and one portion supplies enough calories for a good day of work. Maybe these could explain why ramen got so popular among the Japanese, especially students and salarymen.

    Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum

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