Enoshima is Small but attracting island

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  • Kanagawa prefecture has a lot of attractions which are both artificial and natural. Today we are going to introduce you a small offshore island which circumference is just 4 kilo meter in Kanagawa prefecture, ‘Enoshima’.

    About Enoshima

    It is a famous tourist spot from ancient era and also one of 100 famous views in japan which are assigned in 1927.
    A shrine that is called “Benzaiten” is located middle of the island. Benzaiten attribute the god of music and entertainment.

    The area of Enoshima and coast line is called ‘Shonan’ where many people visit for sightseeing, having fresh sea foods, marine sports, fireworks, swimming, surfing and chilling out all year around especially in the summer. In the summer, various music events are hold in the Shonan coast. The Kugenuma coast which is west of Shonan is famous for surfers to ride nice waves. In October, there is a tree thousand fireworks show on the island. In the winter, the island will be illuminated. A number of restaurants are around Shonan area. You can have nice see food all around Enoshima. Especially the whitebait is representative in this area.

    The Enoshima aquarium

    At the great location, there is the Enoshima aquarium which is one of a fantastic place to see. It offers you see some unique exhibitions. The exhibition of note, the jelly fish exhibition which is called the jelly fish fantasy hall is the biggest one in Japan. The jelly fish Fantasy hall expresses an inside of the jelly fish’s body. They exhibit 14 kinds of jelly fish normally including one of the biggest jelly fish “Sea nettle”.
    After you are healed by the adorable jelly fish’s actions. you just get out from the aquarium then you will be right on the beach to walk along the ripple of Shonan and to see an brilliant sun set.

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