The Hell Tour: Experience Japanese Hot Springs in a New Way!

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  • Beppu is one of the cities well-known for hot springs in Japan. They say that one must not visit that place without taking a dip into the natural onsen available almost everywhere from small establishments to hotels. But for the fainthearted who are afraid of stripping off their clothes, especially the foreigners, Kannawa offers an equally pleasing onsen experience without involving any cultural shock.

    Hell Hot springs

    Jigoku Meguri located in Kannawa consists of 8 natural hot springs with really high temperatures and aren’t suitable for bathing. Hence the name “Jigoku”, which in English can be translated to “burning hell”. Ranging from the simple “Shiraike Jigoku” (White Pond Hell) which was named so for its blue-white colored boiling water to “Oniyama Jigoku” where crocodiles are nestled in boiling haven, and “Oniishibouzu Jigoku” (Bald Head) known for the grayish mud forming circular shapes that resemble a man’s bald head among many others, everyone can have a glimpse of hell while on earth by touring all of these hot springs.

    Heavenly Tastes on the Paths of Hell

    Walking around all those hot springs can make one really hungry. Thankfully, shops in Kannawa offer local cuisine that can satiate even the most picky eaters. A scrumptious bowl of thick and gooey noodles mixed with fresh vegetables in a hearty soup that has a hint of lime can make one crave for more dango-juri everyday. They also sell tamago onsen (hot spring egg) which as the translation states, are basically eggs that are put in a net with a long stick and boiled straight in the hot spring.

    So whenever you find yourself in Kyushu, or if you are planning a trip there in the future, make sure you stop by Kannawa and take The Hell Tour!

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