Royce’ Chocolates: Famously Addictive Since 1983

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  • Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd is a famous Japanese chocolate manufacturing company situated in Sapporo. It has quite a long history.

    It is known for its high quality production as well as strict hygiene standards by acquiring the best possible techniques and experiences. It is said that the climate and clean air of Hokkaido make it possible for the company to make excellent confections.

    Company History

    It was first established in 1983 with its first item of “Chocolate Bar” produced in 1985. However, the production of “Pure Chocolate” started in 1990. It was in 1995 when its best seller, “Nama Chocolate,” was born. After that, Royce’ started producing “Nutty Bar Chocolate” and “Baton Cookies.” Due to high demand, the company opened some branches abroad with its first in Singapore. Later in 2002, two shops were opened in Hong Kong. Then, the “Chocolate Wafers” started production followed by “Prafeuille Chocolat.” More shops were opened in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan and South Korea. Apart from these, a second round of shops were also started in the same areas.

    Quality Control

    The access to the production line of Royce’ Company is strictly prohibited. Factory-issued uniforms and shoes need to be worn before entering the line area. Also, you have to pass through a specialized air tunnel to remove dust. After that, adhesive tape rollers will also be used to ensure that your clothes are dust-free. Then, you have to carefully wash your hands the proper way and disinfect them. Everybody has to complete this whole process before proceeding to the production line. All equipment used in the area are disinfected on a daily basis.

    Where to Buy Royce’ Products?

    Royce’ products are only available in the countries aforementioned above. The company doesn’t ship the items due to their delicate condition. This is due to the fact that Royce’ chocolates melt easily.. If you’re in Japan, you can find it in souvenir shops, airports and other shops in Hokkaido. You can also check out the Duty Free Shops in Japanese airports.

    Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd

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