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  • Mysterious Tomato Ramen

    It would not be hard to imagine what the ramen is, but how about the tomato ramen?
    This article tries to unravel the mysterious ramen, which gradually becomes popular in Japan.

    One of the shops which serve the tomato ramen is called, Taiyo no Tomatomen. This shop’s name literally means the tomato noodle of the sun. One different point from the other general ramen they offer is using special rich tomato soup.

    Why is Tomato Used in the Soup?

    According to the official website of Taiyo no Tomatomen, tomatoes include enormous vitamin and minerals which we tend to miss taking but prevent us from some diseases such as cancer and lifestyle disease. What is more, lycopene makes girls happy with controlling enzyme called tyrosinase that produces melanin on the skin.

    Taiyo no Cheese Ramen taken in the shop named Taiyo no Tomatomen Next Shinjuku Mylord. (7F Restaurant Area, Odakyu Shinjuku Mylord, Nishishinjuku 1-1-3, Shinjuku, Tokyo. 11:00〜23:00. Tel: 03-5909-4810.)

    How to Enjoy the Tomato Ramen

    I introduce the best way to enjoy the tomato ramen using one of the recommended ramens as an example: Taiyo no Cheese Ramen.

    1. Enjoy eating Taiyo no Cheese Ramen itself: noodle, vegetable and meat, and rich tomato soup with melting cheese.

    2. For having the second joy of the tomato ramen, you should order the Negimeshi which has rice with sliced green onion and meat, and black pepper.

    3. Then, try putting the tomato soup in the bowl into Negimeshi, and mix it up. That is called Ra-Riso, the recommended way you eat up Taiyo no Cheese Ramen and rice like risotto.

    The concept of using tomatoes for ramen would be very interesting even for Japanese people.
    Did you get hungry by this article? Do you think you would like to try the tomato ramen?
    Now that you get to know what the mysterious ramen is!

    Why don’t you go out to eat Tayiyo no Tomatomen today?

    Japanese notation:太陽のトマト麺
    Shinjuku shop Access
    Osaka shop Access

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