Only in Japan: Get your Teeth Done by a World-Famous Designer!

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  • Who in the world would ever have thought that the world of fashion and every kid’s nightmare, the dentist’s office, could ever collide? Well, it’s safe to say that this collaboration may be the first of its kind in Japan, if not the world.

    In May 2015, world-famous silver accessory designer and owner of Japanese brand Fangophilia, Taro Hanabusa, opened Japan’s first “boutique dental clinic” in the heart of fashion mecca Shibuya.

    Hanabusa Dental Clinic

    The dental office boasts the latest dental equipment, minimalist decor, and an expansive view of Shibuya from the 7th floor of the building. Since Taro Hanabusa is also a fashion designer, his attention to detail for the clinic’s interior and the overall minimalist theme is apparent once you step inside.

    Also, Hanabusa even had some of his model friends participate in the promotion of his clinic, to further strengthen the designer aspect behind this endeavor. This sure is a far cry from that horrid dentist’s office your mom probably dragged you kicking and screaming to when you were a child!

    There is even a promotion video featuring a model showing off the gorgeous dental clinic while posing with a toothbrush.

    However, even though everything from the equipment to the decor look fanciful and high-tech, don’t worry because this is a dental clinic after all. Typical procedures like teeth whitening and checkups for cavities are just a few services you can get at this clinic.

    The link between Fangophilia and Hanabusa Dental Clinic

    Although Hanabusa did indeed graduate with a degree in Dentistry from Tohoku University and practiced for 3 years, he was also interested in body modification (such as tattoos) and had the idea of creating jewelry that is based on a mold of a person’s body parts, such as fingers, teeth, even kneecaps! Very “personal,” one of a kind jewelry, that is. This was the birth of his brand Fangophilia.

    Gradually his unique designs started to gain attention as his silver accessories started being sold at Harajuku’s Dog, a unique clothing store frequented by the likes of Lady Gaga.

    Soon he started receiving requests from world-famous stars such as Marilyn Manson, Brooke Candy, Lady Gaga, and Korean pop stars such as G-Dragon and 2NE1. His uniquely gothic and dark designs seemed to gain more favor abroad rather than in-country.

    In a past interview from 2013, he explained that since his accessories are personal and he would need the customer to take a mold of their teeth, nose, fingers, or other body parts, so it would be difficult to sell his pieces in a regular store. So one way to make his accessories more accessible to the public would be to collaborate with some dental clinics and have the customer take a mold of their teeth, then send the mold to his creative offices to create the silver jewelry.

    Well, it seems that Hanabusa has finally achieved his original dream of combining his fascination with body modification jewelry and dentistry through his new clinic! At Hanabusa Dental Clinic, you can have the chance to create some special one of a kind jewelry as well as check up on those cavities you might have!

    The clinic is open daily from 13:00 to 23:00 by reservation, so head on over to Shibuya’s first boutique dental clinic that is owned by this famous designer!


    Hanabusa Dental Clinic

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