The 3 Best J–Vlogs on the Web

  • If you are planning a trip to Japan, or if you live here already, you’ll want to make the most of your time in Japan. One good resource which many people don’t know about is the world of J-Vloggers on Youtube. J-Vlog stands for Japan Video Log, and the videos chronicle peoples’ lives in Japan and the trips they take. These can be an invaluable source of information for finding lesser known spots and learning more about the culture of Japan. But which channels should you watch? These are my recommendations.

    1. Sharla in Japan

    “Sharla in Japan” is definitely one of the most popular J-Vloggers out there right now. At the time of writing, she has nearly 295,000 subscribers to her main channel and has received over 38,000,000 views! She was born in Canada and moved to Japan to study. She has never left and now works as a translator in Tokyo. She makes videos on everything you could think of relating to Japan: travelling, video games, wig shopping, getting a job, studying Japanese, food… the list goes on! Click here for Sharla’s Youtube channel.

    2. Rachel and Jun

    Another very popular channel is Rachel and Jun, a married couple who make regular videos on Youtube. They currently have over 460,000 subscribers and 54,000,000 views – amazing! This couple created such an interesting array of videos. They speak to a lot of Japanese people and question them on social issues (“Would you date a foreigner?” “What is considered fat in Japan?”), and have recently started a series in which they interview craftsmen around Japan. They also made some travel videos, but mostly, this channel focuses on the cultural side of Japan. Click here for Rachel and Jun’s Youtube channel.

    3. Mimei

    Mimei is a YouTuber from New Zealand who lives in Japan with her husband (PDRsan, who also makes videos). Compared to the others this is a slightly smaller channel, she currently has just over 210,000 subscribers and 23,000,000 views. Her videos are interesting and quirky, and are filled with her kooky sense of humor. She makes videos about culture, travel and shopping in Japan. I always enjoy watching her videos, they always make me smile! Click here for Mimei’s Youtube channel.

    Honorable mentions

    I wish I could mention every J-Vlogger in this article – but we’d be here forever! There are a few more channels that I feel deserve an honorable mention, though:

    • Abroad in Japan – An English Vlogger who always makes funny and interesting videos about culture and travel
    • Kanadajin3 – A Canadian Vlogger who makes regular videos on cooking, culture and has a series called “Gaijin Tips”
    • Deep in Japan – A channel made up of multiple people, they make regular videos about their lives in Japan

    Head on over to Youtube and enjoy watching videos about Japan!

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