Want to Experience an Original way of Relaxing in Japan? Try Animal Cafes!

  • When you come in Japan, you will be very busy as there are so many things to visit. You might be exhausted. How about going to a cafe? That’s actually a great way to relax however we highly recommend you to visit Japan’s special cafes! In these unusual cafes you can have beverages, sweets, snacks but the differentiating thing is that you can play with animals!

    We have many kind of animal cafes!

    Indeed, you can find cat cafes, bird cafes, dog cafes, rabbit cafes and more! In these cafes you can touch animals, take picture of them, and of course play with them.

    The process

    The cafe’s system is pretty simple, you pay the café according to a length of time that you choose, then the staff release the animals in the room. Animals are not mistreated, they are completely free in the room and you will interact with them with respect of course.
    Once you have paid, you will also receive a treat attention for the animals that you should give to them if you want their attention! And you will get a menu to order whatever you want; food, drinks, even alcohol sometimes!

    Cat Cafes

    The most famous animal cafe is the cat cafe that we call Neko café (猫カフェ). Usually the cats in those cafe were abandoned and there are many different races even hybrid. By the way, there is a rumor in which Katy Perry went to the Neko Cafe while she was in Japan!

    Even if the Neko Cafes are very popular, recently the trendy cafes are those with owls called Fukurou Cafes (ふくろうカフェ). That’s because people like their cute eyes and owls are actually quite gentle.

    A special case: Reptile cafes

    If you fancy something even more special you should go to the reptile cafes! It could be scary but do not worry it is safe because the animals are harmless. And somehow, some people are more relaxed with reptiles than cats.