Japanize your iPhone with these Uniquely Artistic Covers!

  • Japanese culture and art have been fascinating people all over the world. The more you learn about Japan, the more you want to discover more about the country. If you want to have daily eye candy, you will be definitely pleased with a Japanese motif on your smartphone cover. Enjoying Japanese culture on a daily basis and you will be one step closer to understanding the true essence of Japan.

    The shop’s traditional approach even playfully makes a pun of the Japanese word for smartphone cover (‘sumaho kaba-‘ /スマホカバー) into ‘sumaho tsutsumi’ (スマホ包み), which literally means ‘smartphone wrapping’.

    1. The Red Fuji

    The red Fuji, also known as ‘Fine Wind, Clear Morning’ or in Japanese ‘gafuu kaisei’ (凱風快晴) is one of Japanese most popular pictures. Originally a woodblock print by Japanese artist Hokusai, the meteorologically detailed depiction of the mountain’s natural state is astonishing: with the snow-capped mountain peak of Mount Fuji having turned red by the rising morning sun. An everlasting classic!

    2. Obake no Kinta


    This devilish looking face is the head of an ‘obake no kinta’ (おばけの金太), a Japanese ‘karakuri’ puppet (からくり人形).

    The original puppet is from Kumamoto prefecture and operated by a lever on its back. Once pulled, it naughtily sticks out its tongue!

    3. Shima Neko

    Not only are cats loved all over the world, Japan has a very special connection to felines. A cat symbolises total freedom and is believed to bring luck. This cover depicts a gathering of striped ones.

    4. Other mobile phone gadgets

    If you do not have an iPhone do not worry: there are various other accessories you can get to Japanize your mobile device. Cute ’Temari Ame’-straps (テマリ飴), which look like real ‘temari’-candy balls. Or why don’t you try konpeito-sweets-straps (金平糖)? A real eye-candy-candy.

    The shop offers various other Japanese related items such as ’tenugui’ -towels, ‘furoshiki’-towels, Japanese wallets, bags and cosmetic bags and even clothes and bento goods! Finally, they have free delivery for orders above ¥10,800.

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