Ikemeso: Rent a Hot Guy to Wipe your Tears Away

  • Japan has long been producing services such as rent-a-boyfriend or rent-a-girlfriend for any occasion. Another company, known as Ikemeso, has introduced a rent-a-guy system to console the emotions of women who are sad, lonely and desperate.

    The main targets are stressed female office workers who are in need of this legitimate service.

    The Concept

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    Japan’s female workers tend to become over-stressed with work which affects their daily life activities. This is the reason why Hiroki Terai has devised a service where women can experience a stress-relieving cry and a good-looking guy who will dab their tears away. It sounds like it might be a lucrative business in Japan.

    Ikemeso company is a play on words. It combines the words “ikemen” and “mesomeso” into one word. These means “hot guy” and “crying” respectively, which are used to describe the company’s business.

    How to get this Service?

    If you’re a lady and would like to avail of the service, all you have to do is to pick out your favorite guy from the company’s list. There are currently 9 hunks to choose from depending on what character you like. All of them are licensed in therapeutic crying. It is definitely their job to make you cry for you to pour out your emotions, may it be from your angst in workplace and so on. The guy will go to your workplace then will let everybody (coworkers) watch a video meant to induce crying. Having everybody together to partake in this crying session is considered “natural” and “honest” as it improves overall communication. It is only after the video that the guy will wipe away tears with a cloth from anyone who needs it.

    If you want to book your good-looking guy, make sure you are located in the Kanto region of Tokyo, as it is only available in the area. You have to pay a fee of 7,900 yen per booking and apply through your company. The services will start this September 24, 2015 and might yet become the next trend in the country.

    Hurry now and book your guy right away!

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