Get High Quality Clothes at Reasonable Prices in Japan with UNIQLO!

  • In Japan shopping is also great as you can find high quality clothes at a reasonable price. If you are interested in shopping you should definitely go to UNIQLO stores! It is a highly recommended shop that provides high quality and cheap clothes.
    It is one of the brand that Japan is proud of as they offer a wide range of choice including any size, stylish trend, simple, colorful or not and a lot of item. Many people with different style try this brand every day so it does not matter your style, you might find something you like!

    The most recommended item is jean because they have a great amount of choice of moreover UNIQLO jeans are very comfortable.

    UNIQLO is a quality-oriented company therefore they also collaborate with some famous artists, Japanese designers and sometimes, with animation designers! However this company is also doing sport supports with a focus on amateur sport clothes. For example, they provided uniforms to “Adam Scott” professional golfer in 2013.

    UNIQLO’s biggest hit item all around the world is without a doubt its ‘Heat-Tech’ t-shirts! Indeed, it is necessary for us in winter time as these shirts keep us warm.

    A funny fact is that now it is popular that while young women choose man’s clothing because man’s clothes design is different, and sometimes it is better than women’s clothes design.

    Something you should not miss

    When the season change, almost every shop in Japan has a big sale. Therefore, you will be able to get a lower price than usual. In addition, BIKKURO(ビックロ), which is UNIQLO’s collaboration with the electronics retailer called BIC CAMERA(ビックカメラ), is interesting. Together they have a concept to bring the clothes with electronics stuff. For example, they display a ‘Heat-Tech’ shirt on a mannequin wearing headphones. This shop is only in Shinjuku, and you should definitely have a look because it might be interesting to see a concept that mix IT and clothing.

    If you don’t have the chance yet to come to Japan, don’t worry, UNIQLO has branches overseas in 11 other countries! This includes, England, USA, South-Korea, France, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Philippines and Thailand. As a proof of high quality, in France, UNIQLO is located in Paris just next to stores like Lafayette in a classy district.

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