3 ’Crazy’ Japanese Foods You MUST Try Once!

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  • Ahh, Japan. The land of everything interesting. Culture. Vending machines. Food.
    Although some people check their guide book and go for the most insane theme restaurants or funky looking foods, there are options that seem crazy to outsiders but are simply delicious to locals. Give them a try, and make your friends envious (and amazed) as you flood Facebook with pictures of your culinary adventures.

    The following 3 foods can be found most anywhere, and are eaten often by the average Japanese person. Supermarkets and convenience stores sometimes provide the most intriguing delicacies. While usually not found on restaurant menus, they are easy to make or buy, fairly cheap, and all around DELICIOUS.

    1. Tamago Kake Gohan (Raw Egg On Rice)

    Kids, don’t try this at home (as in, your home country). Japanese eggs are pasteurised, therefore the chance of catching stomach destroying bacteria and germs is strongly reduced. The best way to enjoy this delicious dish is to crack a fresh (FRESH!) egg over freshly cooked steaming white rice, add some soy sauce and chopped spring onions, mix well and enjoy. Adding a little salt and pepper makes it even better!

    2. Curry Bread

    We all love bread, and who doesn’t love curry? The combination is simply amazing. You may be surprised at first when you bite into a freshly fried bread, expecting some sort of creamy filling only to find yourself with a mouthful of curry. However, the only thing you will be mumbling with your mouth still full will be “yuuummmmmmm”. This is one of those foods that are better to buy at a store than to try to make at home. Both supermarkets and convenience stores have a ton of options, from sweet to spicy. Give them a try!

    3. Mentaiko (Cod Roe)

    No one thinks twice about eating chicken eggs. Live on the edge, and enjoy some eggs that came from the sea! Fish eggs come in a variety of forms in a variety of foods, but mentaiko is the greatest. From being eaten raw on top of delicious white rice, mixed in with cream pasta sauce, to rolled into Japanese omelettes, you owe it to yourself to try this delicacy.

    Nom Nom Nom.

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