Japanese Fast Food, Not Junk Food

  • In most countries when you think of fast food you would usually think of foods such as hamburgers, pizzas or fried chicken and while you can of course find all of these in Japan, they are not the only fast food options available on the high street! Japan has lots of its own fast food chains, most of which focus on “donburi” or if you are not a Japanese speaker – rice bowls. Here are a few places to look out for if you fancy something quick and tasty!


    You’ll find Yoshinoya all over the place and with their bright orange signs they’re easy to spot! The main focus of Yoshinoya is the beef bowl; simply decide on the size and toppings you want. The most popular is beef but you can get things like teriyaki chicken and vegetables too! You can either eat in or take out. Also,l make to sure to check out their posters for any special offers!

    Yoshinoya*Automatic translation

    CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry house

    CoCo ICHIBANYA is my personal favourite for a quick meal in Japan, as the name suggests it focuses almost exclusively on Japanese curry, although it does have a selection of nice salads too! Although when you smell the curry it’s a wonder how people manage to order just a salad as the company’s slogan is well deserved: “good curry, good smell.” I’ve even taken a detour around a different street if I have dinner plans already; when I smell the curry I want to go in! They have a few different sauces you can pick from, using pork/beef – no vegetarian option unfortunately for the curry though and you can decide how spicy you want it and how much rice you’d like. There is a huge selection of different toppings for your curry too and if you get the chance I particularly recommend the pork cutlet!



    Sukiya is similar to Yoshinoya in having its main focus being rice bowls but they have curry (not as good as Coco’s but it’s ok!) and a few other choices, the grilled eel rice bowl especially is popular here.

    The good thing about Sukiya is most of its restaurants are 24 hours, meaning it’s a good spot for a late night snack when you’ve been out for a drink!

    Sukiya *Automatic translation available

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