3 Best Japanese Whiskeys Under JPY1,000

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  • Whiskey… Love it or hate it, it is here to stay. Movies, TV shows, magazines, everyone is promoting whiskey these days.

    Whether you like it on the rocks, with gin, with a water back, or simply in a bottle with a straw (if it has been one of those weeks), you can find these delicious spirits easily.

    A good bottle of whiskey in Japan can be a lot less expensive than abroad due to the lower alcohol tax, but still there is no need to be breaking the bank. A great drink can be found for under 1000 yen easily, and here are three of the greatest options.

    Give these 3 Japanese brand Whiskeys a try, and maybe even bring back for your friends!

    3. Suntory Torys

    Smooth and mellow, the folks at Suntory know their stuff. They offer a variety of brands, at various price points, but the standard Torys label is popular and delicious. It costs about 700-1000 Yen depending on where you buy it.

    2. Kirin

    This one packs a little punch. Not as mellow as Torys, but still delicious, you will know you are drinking real whiskey. Some people may find it a little harsh when straight, but it has good flavor and is quite similar to Jim Beam. A 700mL bottle will cost you around 1,300 yen depending on the shop.

    1. Nikka

    Nikka is the undisputed king of Japanese whiskeys. The label is not so exciting, the bottle is kind of standard, but what’s inside is darn right delicious. The founder of the company studied whiskey distilling in Scotland and returned to Japan with a knack for taste as well as a Scottish wife! A bottle of this one will cost you 500 – 800 Yen depending on the shop.

    For more info on this great brand check out this article.


    Although it is over 1000 – closer to the 3000 Yen mark – aficionados may want to give the samurai whiskey a go… if you are feeling samurai-ish enough. And it surely makes one hell of a souvenir!

    Cheers and Kanpai!

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