5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for All Anime Lovers!

  • If there’s one thing that people associate with Japan apart from its popular landmarks, tourist attractions and food, it would have to be anime. Over the years, Japanese studios have produced over thousands of animation, ranging from those long-running series like Naruto and One Piece, down to those short 12-episode series and hour-long movies. What started as a fad in Japan has since spread like wildfire across the globe, especially when online streaming for these shows were first introduced.

    While there were reports and debates about a potential collapse of the industry, as a result of a recent decrease in disc sales for a number of studios, it is quite undeniable that the support given by avid viewers from various countries is high. This is exactly why we are still seeing a number of new installments coming up for the next 2015 season. With the surge of anime being released frequently, it’s only natural to sometimes feel as though we’re not keeping up with those worthy ones that deserve our attention.

    Whether it’s about watching an episode, browsing the latest news, listening to your favorite anime original soundtrack (OST) or buying anime accessories, having portable tools to assist with accessing these while you’re on the go can be a great help. Have a look at the following mobile apps that every anime fan will find handy wherever they go.

    Anime Radio

    Want to relax while listening to cool anime songs from various genres? This app is a perfect buddy for you. It allows you to access various anime stations like Otaku radio, Anime Symphony, Anime Nexus and many more. You can also view the titles of the songs that are playing on a particular station. More importantly, songs do not overlap with each other, so no more worrying about simultaneous music playing.

    Anime Info

    As much as we would like to watch every anime – and I mean everything – time just isn’t enough. We’ve got other things to do like work and study, which is exactly why we trim our choices to the ones we prefer. And how else can you get a grip of your much-needed information other than by getting it straight from an updated source? Anime Info is your comprehensive database just for this purpose. It’s packed with over 8300 anime titles complete with its description, release dates, ratings, categories, and all the other basics you’ll need!

    Otaku Shop

    Who says authentic and licensed anime goods can only be purchased by going to Japan? With this app, you can be wherever you want and have access to the latest material you desire. Things like action figures, stickers, posters and much more from your favorite anime is available for browsing and complete with price details. It’s your perfect one-stop shop for collecting anime memorabilia!


    When it comes to streaming or watching the latest updates of the anime you are following, Crunchyroll remains on top of its league in providing the most number of episodes across anime of different genres. You have the option to go for the free or premium version with privileges such as watching an episode an hour after its actual airing. This app works for a variety of mobile devices and offers HD content, treating you to the best possible graphic display as presented on its original airing.


    Juggling one anime after another? If you like jumping from one anime onto the next, then there’s a good possibility for you to forget the exact episode where you left off. Uranime helps you keep track of your watch list by allowing you to create your own library, complete with dates and the current episode that you have watched. Anime descriptions will also be provided, making it easier for you to recall what the story is all about.

    Stay updated with the latest anime by making sure you have the right tools on board your mobiles. So anime pals, start downloading their free versions and experience what they have to offer!

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