Get a Taste of Life Inside a Japanese Home with a Nagomi Visit!

  • A Nagomi Visit is a very authentic, wonderful and exciting experience in Japan. It provides the concept of an immersion experience with a Japanese local household, where you get to dine with the whole family as if you are a part of the family. You can choose either lunch or dinner with a minimal fee. With this visit, you’ll get to enjoy a good Japanese meal served on a beautifully set table and experience a warm welcome by the family that is referred to as the “host”.

    Learn About Japan

    In this experience, the guests are able to learn more about Japan in a more intimate way. This is so much more than just merely sharing a meal with other people. It is indeed, so unique that it makes people from diverse backgrounds to meet, share stories, have a good time together, and also provides an opportunity to build a friendship.

    Build Friendships

    This type of visit really offers a brief but memorable local encounter wherein you can experience what an everyday lunch or dinner spread looks like in Japan. As well as observe the inside of a Japanese house, and even make new friends and build new relationships.

    Traditional Meal

    Most former guests have said that the host that they visited gave a very warm welcome and served delicious meals. The hosts are very friendly, accommodating, and fun to be with. Therefore, a Nagomi Visit will definitely guarantee a truly wonderful experience that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Japan.

    After making a booking and you have received your host’s details, you can contact them directly so that you can get to know each other a little bit before meeting up. The most common meeting place is the nearest train station from where your host is located at. The visit will take around two hours or so. This is such a casual, yet meaningful interaction between Japanese locals and tourists. Furthermore, all hosts can speak English so the interaction won’t be too difficult for either party.

    Check out their website for more information and to make an online booking.

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