Have you had an amazing day in Kyoto?

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  • Kyoto is a wonderful city that you must definitely go to. However, there are way too many things to admire so that you should spend more than one day. Nevertheless, if you are able to go there for a day only, this article is perfect for you!!!

    What is better than starting your day with a full stomach? Well, good for you, when you arrive in Kyoto Train Station you’ll find plenty of shops that offer Japanese breakfasts!

    After that, you should go to the information point located inside the station. Then you ask the staff how to buy an unlimited bus ticket for one day. You should also ask them how to get to ‘Higashi Honganji’ (Japanese Temple) which is easy to find and to go by foot from the station.

    In Kyoto, the main mean of transportation is the bus, and when you go out the Kyoto Train Station you’ll find easily the bus station. Take the bus and go to the most recommended place; Kiyomizu!


    Arrived there, of course you go to the Kiyomizu temple because from there you’ll have stunning views!! And to enjoy even more, you can walk around for a while. Then, when you leave the temple you’ll arrive in a typical old style Japanese town. It is full of traditional sweet shops, souvenir shops and also ‘sake’ shops! In addition to that, you can try the Kimono!


    Back to the bus station, you can go downtown in order to have a lunch, if you are still hungry after all the sweets you might have eaten! For the afternoon, we strongly recommend you to visit the Kinkaku Temple. It is very beautiful because it is located inside the nature with a small lake. While walking around do not miss the chance to try the ‘Matcha Tea’ in the Kinkaku traditional tea house! You’ll get a yummy sweet with the tea by the way.

    Dinner time coming! Our recommendation is to go downtown to eat dinner at the ‘Ninja Restaurant’! This restaurant will offer you really tasty and original food such as ‘black pizza’, and you can also experience some surprises that we prefer to keep secret! The staff can speak English so it’s handy for you!

    Another advice: If you go to Kyoto during Winter time, you’ll need good shoes as it might be slippery!

    Kiyomizu Access
    Kinkaku Access

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