KFS – The Limited Kentucky Fried Salmon Offer Hits Japan

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well-loved American fast food company in Japan. So loved that it has even become synonymous with Christmas! There have been episodes of lines wrapping around for blocks just to get some of the secret spice blend that is Kentucky Fried Chicken for the holidays alone. However, in a country known for fabulous seafood and seasonal products many of which can only be found in Japan – (see my previous articles on Burger King for both black and red burgers) it is not surprising that Kentucky Fried Chicken would soon join the fast food seasonal offerings.

    Kentucky Fried Salmon

    Behold the Kentucky Fried Salmon! or KFS for short. A deep-fried masterpiece of fresh salmon from the waters of Hokkaido, an area of Japan well known for seafood. It comes in two different versions – in a fried fillet form and also as a sandwich.

    The fried fillet

    In this version the salmon peaces are coated in breadcrumbs and then placed in a deep fryer, leaving the inside moist and flavorful while the outside has a satisfying crunch to it. Think of it as the Japanese version of fish and chips. For around 230 yen, it is quite a bargain for those who cannot make the trek to Hokkaido itself. It comes with tartar sauce and is a great snack or meal, almost reminiscent of the McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

    The fried Salmon Sandwich

    Takes the fried fillet above and places it between two soft bread buns topped with a kind of basil tartar sauce and lettuce. It retails at 390 yen and is quite delicious! A healthier seafood alternative in the midst of all the fast food options.

    As all good things eventually must come to an end, these treats are only available for the fall. Go to your nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken as soon as possible to experience their salmon offerings! You won’t regret it! Itadakimasu!

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