Made in Japan of Cooking tools and funny goods in Kappabashi Dougugai

  • There are many cooking utensil shops, food sample shops and pottery shops in Kappabashi Dougugai. This street is over 100 years old and it’s 800m long with as many over 150 shops now. If you want to buy a cooking utensil that is made in Japan, you can find a nice one here.


    For example:There are over 10 knife shops. Some knifes are hand made and there are lot of different kinds. This shop name is “Tsubaya” there are many knifes inside, over 1000. One knifes price is about 13000yen to 24000yen or over. It is not cheap but the are of good quality and they last for a long time.


    “Kamata” is also a knife shop. This shop is selling this knife. It is made in Japan and has a Sakura pattern on it. Sakura is a Japanese flower.

    Food Samples

    Those foods looks delicious but you can not eat them because those are food samples. There are many kinds of food sample here. Sushi, Tonkastu, Salad, Beer, Bread, Meat, Fish, Hamburger, Crape,Tempura can see also mini size Sushi and some other small food samples.

    There are also straps and magnet, some foreigners buy them as gift.


    “Dengama” is a pottery shop. There are many kinds of pottery here and those are not expensive. you can find your favorite style and color.Some Japanese drink tea when they use a pottery cup. If you want to drink tea it’s best to use a pottery cup because your tea stays warmer inside.


    If you want to try a Japanese Dagashi you can buy it here.Dagashi is a Japanese sweet, Japanese Children like them. Dagashi is made in Japan for a long time.You can buy many different flavors of Dagahi here.Umaibou is a famous sweet in Japan. There are many flavors: Takoyaki, teriyaki, pizza tast, Metaiko taste, cheese, corn potage taste etc.

    Enjoy for walking around and shopping in Kappabashi Dougugai.