5 Proven Effective Ways to Finish a Long Anime Series

  • Ever encountered a long-running anime series you wish you could finish watching? If you’re one of those people who like juggling a few anime at a time, hoping to find that series that will keep you interested all throughout, in that case the chances are, you won’t finish anything.

    This is usually the case especially for those anime that run for more than the typical 25-26 episodes. Good points of reference would be the ongoing One Piece and Fairytale shows now ranging to over hundreds of episodes and counting. Yes, the plot is tightly-knitted, the characters are interesting and the villains just keep on coming with their badass shenanigans that only make us even more interested in our favorite characters.

    But as much as we would like to stay with those we come to love, the long-winded series of revelations and adventures may seem so endless that we sometimes feel tempted to just leave it and proceed with something that is shorter, faster, and more entertaining.

    Sounds familiar?

    If you think you’re starting to lose focus on the current one you’re watching then doing the following will surely help you keep track of your watching habits, making sure that you don’t miss a heartbeat of that fascinating journey you’ve had so far. Have a quick look!

    1. Use mobile episode tracking apps.

    Let’s say you’ve got tons of duties. Keeping tab of everything from school and office work to taking care of the house, can be a real challenge. Amidst the flood of stuff that needs your attention, remembering the episode where you left off may not be easy. One effective means to resolve this issue is by installing some free mobile apps that are specifically created to help you keep track on your latest anime viewing progress. Apps like Anime Trakr for instance, is an and free efficient tool.

    2. Avoid watching multiple anime.

    Now this is something many avid anime fans would find difficult to adhere. With the fast paced anime production, the temptation of watching different series simultaneously is high. There is nothing wrong with juggling a variety of shows. In fact, some may even find this strategic enough to keep their interest up across different genres.

    However, this will only work if you limit your options to short series. Unless you have developed a personal scheduling procedure to get back to that long series you are following, its easy to favor the shorter ones. Before you know it, you have completely lost recollection on where you’ve left off.

    3. Give yourself a break.

    No matter how much you love doing something, there comes a time when you feel burnt out. Same can be said about watching anime, and once you start feeling those first signs of exhaustion, it’s best to cut yourself some slack and just stop watching. Take a break and get back at it once you feel well.

    4. Get involved with forums and discussions.

    Now that you can get access to practically all sorts of basic info online, there’s no reason why you couldn’t get a hold of what’s the recent hot topic is in the series you’re following. Given that it is that popular, there should be a variety of intuitive forums and discussions on its latest episode updates.

    Joining the discussions and dropping your thoughts on current threads is one way to encourage yourself to get into the story even more and keep yourself interested.

    5. Schedule

    One common reason a lot of us have as to why we can’t finish watching something is the lack of time. The truth is, unless you schedule your watching sessions, you will most likely not be able to find a good time to view it. Know your schedule, and find a good time to spend on anime!

    There is no shortcut to enjoying the full treat that the best anime series can give us. So sit down, get yourself ready and relaxed, and enjoy!

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