Meet Japan’s One and Only Robot Celebrity: Matsuko-roid!

  • Japan is famous across the globe for its robots. When people imagine Japan they picture the giant robots from Gundam and Evangelion fighting or cutesy robots doing everything for you or recently even hotels completely staffed by robots who’ll look after your every need from checking in to room service. Now however there is a new robot breaking into a whole new arena – television show hosting!

    The popular Japanese TV personality Matsuko Deluxe, has now got a robot double who, every Saturday night, hosts alongside him on his TV show. Matsuko Deluxe is hugely famous in Japan, everywhere you go you’ll see him advertising something! He’s the big guy who’s famous as a cross dresser and hosts or guests on a whole range of TV shows through the week; while you’re in Japan you’ll find it hard to go a full day without seeing him somewhere!

    Now however, he has a robot version of himself who is also his co-host on the show Matsuko & Matsuko. In the show the two freely converse and the real Matsuko is often left in stitches laughing! The show always features the Matsuko-roid out in the world, usually trying to fool the unsuspecting people into believing it’s the real Matusko! There have been features with Matsuko-roid in restaurants, or in a TV van out on meet and greets or even in a family home interacting with the children! Watching the kids act with the robot was really sweet, they end up offering him food and asking him to come again!

    The Matsuko-roid was built by a Japanese engineer called Hiroshi Ishiguro who is known internationally for his own robot version of himself which he built in order to fill in for him lecturing so that he could attend (or at least his robot could!) more events. They’re pretty expensive to build but who knows, one day maybe we could all have our own robot twins!

    Matsuko & Matsuko

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