Unique Photo Sticker Booth “PURIKURA”

  • Most people love taking photo for SSN or making private good memories easily. The photo sticker booth, Purikura is pretty famous in Japan. This machine is used by many young people. It is enjoyable during taking a photo with many decorations, stamps and graffiti which can be used as a sticker.

    In 1995, the machine was set in each amusement arcades, and it had gotten a big hit in Japan. The most famous brand about Purikura machine is invested by ATLUS. CO.,LTD which is a child company of a famous game company, ‎SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS(SEGA). At the time, The photo booth was one of big phenomenon during 90’s.

    By throwing just 3〜5 coin(300 Yen) into the machine, you can easily enjoy taking a photo.

    Japanese people love to pursuit things that they like professionally and sometimes it is called “crazy.” However, it is very common that you want to enjoy the present time without limitation as human being. Also, especially young people have high consciousness for beauty in Japan. So, this machine is produced by technological development for young people by best timing.

    This machine has numerous effects such as character’s stamps, graffiti and different style of lights. You can easily make a good memory in professional photograph.
    In fact, many film companies have developed during High-growth period in Japan such as Canon and Fuji Film. Now, the technology development has been used by unique way for amusement easily.

    This photo sticker booth is a part of popular entertainment for young people. And now, selfie is pretty common and Purikura is a primal model of taking the kind of photos in social. To take photos was more private among ordinary people before appearing SNS or Purikura.

    The photo booth is developed usually every 6 months. Now, the machine has technological functions such as sending a picture to your mobile phone from the machine by infrared rays.
    Enjoy the advanced high quality of photo booth!