Get to Know Model and AKB48 Idol Member, Kojima Haruna

  • Who is this Kojima Haruna (小嶋陽菜)? Well, she’s not really from Tokyo if we’re talking about birthplace (Saitama) but she is in Tokyo now, if that’s what she means.

    Kojima Haruna is an actress, model and, of course, a member of AKB48. Nyan nyan, Kojiharu, Kojima san and there are many more names that she is known for. Kojima Haruna has been with AKB48 since it was formed and her participation and contribution to the group cannot be matched.

    Kojima Haruna, a current AKB48 member and a girl loved by many, has risen to fame thanks to the idol group founded in 2005. Nearing its 10th anniversary in December and who knows when she’ll make the big announcement, Graduation.

    At 27 years of age, there have been many speculations surrounding her as an idol, and at this age some may have already left the idol industry. Also, not to mention she is now the eldest member in the entire AKB48 group.


    Kojiharu has featured in a very good number of tv appearances as well including variety shows, dramas and movies. She first appeared in the variety show, AKB 0ji 59fun, the AKB48’s own tv show, now known as AKBINGO! She may not appear on it as often as before but her regular variety show, Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku still runs weekly with her as the host.

    Kojiharu is also known as Torigoya in the Majisuka Gakuen series with her major role as a Shitenou (Four Queens). Her first lead role in a movie was in 2007 alongside fellow AKB48 members in the movie, Densen Uta.


    Kojima Haruna is an endorser for the lingerie brand, Peach John, since 2013. She has become a staple face for a number of cosmetology and fashion products including Shiseido.

    She is also a frequent front page cover for various gravure magazines including Weekly Playboy, Bubka, Young Jump and many more. Also, she recently released her fourth photobook this year in March titled “Dou Suru?”.


    Currently a member of Team A, Kojima Haruna has been named as one of the Kami 7 of the idol group. She has participated in 40 A-side tracks, a member of the unit, No sleeves and has been a good ranker in the group’s yearly election.

    1st senbatsu election – #6
    2nd senbatsu election – #7
    3rd senbatsu election – #6
    4th senbatsu election – #7
    5th senbatsu election – #9
    6th senbatsu election – #8
    7th senbatsu election – Did not participate

    She also appears in concerts and on theatre stages. Kojima Haruna is also active in social media, with her twitter account @kojiharunyan producing a following of 2.3 million users and her instagram account @nyanchan22 with 1.1 million users.

    She posts frequently so if you want to know more about her, then follow her!

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