Going to a Concert in Japan: From A to Z

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  • Japan is known as “the Land of the Rising Sun”. But if I would give it another name, I’d call it “the Land of Various Entertainments”. Everywhere you go in Japan, the entertainments are eye-catching and if you’re one of those that’s been wondering what it would be like to take part in it, then why not try to go to a concert?

    Concerts in Japan are held in a variety of locations from Domes and Arenas to large open spaces. Indoors or outdoors, you name it. If you have a singer, voice actor/actress, or an idol group you admire, going to one of their concerts will certainly make your day! Idol groups in Japan have concerts almost every month so it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

    How do I get to go to one?

    You need to have a ticket first, of course! Now concert ticketing system in Japan can be quite tricky. There are concerts wherein you can buy the tickets directly at the designated posts which will be mentioned on the official concert page or at shops like the those that sell concert and event tickets.

    And another way is participating in a Lottery! That’s right!

    To participate in a Lottery, you have to be a member of the web club or a fan club of the particular artist you want to see. Some clubs require a certain fee to join but it is actually worth it because you’ll get frequent updates on concerts and events, additionally you can customize your settings to inform you when a particular member you like has any event activities and you’ll get better chances of winning a ticket. (Trust me, I actually won tickets for every concert I tried for!)

    Payment options

    Once you’ve decided what concert to go to, it’s time to purchase a ticket. For direct concert tickets, you have to pay upfront by a credit card through an online application or you can purchase it at a convenient store that has an automated ticket vendor, and pay at the register. As for the lottery, once you’ve been selected, they will give you 2 payment options. One is to be made through the trusty convenience stores, like Seven Eleven and Family Mart. The other one is paying with your handy Credit Card. The only thing you need to do is to input your card’s detail on the web application on the official webpage or fanclub page.

    Lottery payment

    Once you have settled your payment, you will receive an email confirming payment receipt. Included in the email are the details for the concert you will be going to and statement that your ticket is now being prepared and you will be contacted soon for further details.

    After a few weeks you will receive an email with a serial code and info regarding your ticket. Just head down to your convenience store of choice, same as the one you’ve selected during application, show the clerk the code and your ticket will be printed on spot!

    Physical and Mental Preparation for the Concert

    And now comes the day of the Concert! Get plenty of good night’s rest the day before as the excitement might prevent you from doing so! Before heading to your event’s location make sure to check what you need. Your ticket, Identification Cards, extra cash and, of course, your excitement.

    At every concert in Japan, there will always be goods to buy before the concert. This is what adds the extra seasoning to your day. If you want to buy some merchandise, make sure you leave early as the goods stand open around 2 hours before the event and even with that extra time allowance, the line will be already endless before they even open.


    Here is where you say goodbye to your extra money as the goods will lure you into buying them! These include shirts, fans, keychains, towels, live photos and a whole lot more! The one particular type of goods you will never want to miss though is the eye stunner Psyllium Sticks (サイリウム) or Glow Sticks as they add the charm to the concert and almost everyone attending has one!

    The doors will open an hour before the concert, once they do you can go in, stroll around the place for a bit and find your seat. You are assigned a random seat which is written on your ticket, normally you can not pick it unless it is a small event. Take note that many concerts in Japan have strict anti-photo or video rules to prevent materials from being sold online by third parties. But some instances allow the fans to take photos (for which you normally have to queue).

    Japanese fans are full of energy during concerts, they will join in every yell, every gesture bringing a lively environment which you will surely also take a part in! Don’t forget to enjoy the show to its fullest!

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