Get Lost in Your Favourite Movies at Universal Studios Japan!

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  • In Japan, lots of people love American culture and American movies are always very popular – big name actors even appear in commercials they would never consider back home, so it’s not surprising to discover Japan has its own Universal Studios just outside the city of Osaka.

    It’s pretty easy to find, just head to Universal City station on the JR line. It’s right by the station, although you walk through a very American-looking complex first, complete with American-looking shop fronts and even a TGI Friday.


    For an adult ticket, you’ll pay 7200 yen for one day but if you’re staying in Japan for a while, the yearly ticket could be a great idea. If you go three times then you’ve saved money and for the rest of the year you can enjoy cheap days out! The shows and events change quite often so there will usually be something new to see.

    Hollywood Dream Ride

    One of the biggest and most popular attractions for a long time has been the Hollywood Dream ride, the park’s biggest rollercoaster which lets you choose the music you would like to listen to through your seat speakers as you ride. It is located right by the entrance and usually has a long queue, though.

    Harry Potter


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    Last year the Magical World of Harry Potter opened, with visitors to the park now able to walk through the village of Hogsmeade, drink some Butterbeer and visit Hogwarts itself while you wait your turn on the Harry Potter ride.

    Being one of the newest additions to the park means it is usually incredibly busy. Although, to enter that section of the park you need to get a special ticket from the machines near the entrance, which has the time you are allowed to enter, in an attempt to reduce congestion. However, even with this system, the Harry Potter ride usually still has the largest queue!

    Other Attractions

    Other popular rides include Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and Spiderman. There are shows throughout the year which vary and feature the popular anime, One Piece or older films such as Waterworld and even, around Halloween time, zombies roam the park and chase people in order to eat their brains!

    For more information, check out the website!


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