Come to see the Good Old Days at Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum!

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  • Nowadays, it is difficult to see Japanese old style building. Indeed, we need to adapt because time changes quickly, old things, culture, and people have changed. But we have words for that: “古き良き=Furukiyoki”, it means “Nowadays we are always looking for convenient stuff, and we are developing quickly, therefore we can’t keep what is past even if it was sometimes good for us”.

    If you are interesting about Japanese history, we strongly recommend this museum!

    General Information

    This museum called “Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum” is in Koganei area in Tokyo. There is a big park called “Toritsu Koganei kouen = 都立小金井公園” which belongs to Tokyo’s metropolis. Usually most people think museum is an indoor place however this museum is also an outdoor place therefore you should be careful of the weather. This museum is opened since 1993. There are cultural and valuable historic monuments gathered at the same place because they moved the houses in order to keep them safe.

    However, it isn’t free and you have to pay the entrance:

    General: 400yen
    Over 62 years old: 200yen
    University: 320yen
    High school &junior high school: 200yen
    Under junior high school: entrance free

    They have three types of zone; a center zone, an East zone and a West zone. The West zone has farms from Musashino area and from the town of Yamanote area. Center zone has prestigious historic monuments and the East zone has downtown streets.

    Public bath

    The most recommended zone is the East zone because there in an old style public bath house which has inside a very beautiful drawing of Mt.Fuji on the wall.

    Old Style Toys

    And also there are Japanese old style toys. You can try to play with these toys! If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry because you can ask Japanese people! Hopefully they will teach you!

    You are allowed to enter inside buildings, but you should be careful of Japanese culture because you have to take off your shoes before entering. You can take picture almost everywhere but in some areas it is sometimes forbidden to take picture so please be careful.

    The park is also famous about cherry blossom in spring. Therefore, if you go there at spring, you will see amazing views.