Get Haunted by Japan’s Best Horror Ju–On: The Grudge

  • Grudge is a word that describes a feeling of ill will or resentment. One Japanese supernatural horror film, Ju-on: The Grudge, revolves around it. It has been written and directed by Takashi Shimizu, who is regarded as one of the new types of Japanese horror directors who prefers to suggest menace and violence rather than depict it directly. The story is taking place in a span of a couple years with 6 segments, primarily focusing on the lives of people who lived in and got cursed by the house in Nerima, Tokyo.

    Why is the house cursed?

    The house was owned by a family of three: Takeo Saeki, Kayako Saeki and their son, Toshio. Takeo Saeki was an illustrator who worked in Nerima. He met Kayako whom he immediately fell in love with and together they had a son. Apparently, Takeo was very possessive of Kayako’s attention. One day, he was able to read the diary of his wife and found out that she was in love with another man named, Shunsuke Kobayashi. He was Kayako’s first love back in college but was already happily married to another woman who was already pregnant. Worse is, he also found out that their son, Toshi was Kobayashi’s. When his wife returned home, he attacked her, broke her neck and hid her body in the attic. Then he drowned Toshio along with their pet cat, Mar.

    Despite killing them both, he’s still longing for more vengeance. He runs to Kobayashi’s apartment and, murders his wife Manami and extracts their unborn baby. On his way Shunsuke suddenly falls into a sack containing Kayako’s spirit in it, and she eventually kills him. All of this happens in the previous parts of Ju-On.

    Ju-on: The Grudge series

    Ever since then the house is an infamous landmark. Anybody who enters the house is murdered by the vengeful ghosts of Kayoko, Toshio or Takeo. Victims are paralysed with fear and cannot fight back easily. There are a few ju-on grunge movies and they all tell the stories of different families living in the house afterwards. In 2004, an American remake cam out, making the original franchise even more internationally famous!

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