Tips on Using 3 ’Cute’ Japanese Words That You Will Hear Daily in Japan!

  • Have you heard the sound of Japanese chatter? When you hear it, you will notice some repetitive words. For many foreigners, these repetitive Japanese words sound cute. Actually, most of my friends who studied Japanese, often use these repetitive words, such as wakuwaku or dokidoki.

    Also, for many Japanese people, they find the sound of these words cute too. Lots of children and girls who want to be cute use these words frequently. Here, I will explain what some of these cute repetitive words mean. Most of them are useful too.

    1. Wakuwaku

    Wakuwaku is the expression for when you expect something good. For example, if you are going to travel to Japan the next day, you can say wakuwaku to express your feelings. When you feel wakuwaku, you really want to do something and can’t wait!

    2. Dokidoki

    Dokidoki can express when you’re feeling tentative. Also, when you are nervous, you can say dokidoki to express how you are feeling. For example, before you take an exam, you can say dokidoki, or before you ride on a roller coaster you can also say dokidoki!

    3. Fuwafuwa

    Fuwafuwa is the word which can express essentially the shape of something. For example, when you see sheep, you can say that it looks fuwafuwa! In other words, you can express the softness of how something looks. For example, when you touch a soft cushion, you can say fuwafuwa. This word can also be used to express when you are restless or fidgety. For example, just before you are about to travel, you can use the word, fuwafuwa to express your restless feeling.

    How do you feel about these kinds of cute Japanese words? Do you feel these words have cute sounds? I showed just 3 words here but in Japanese there are so many words like them. If you are interested in them, let’s search and use them!